View Full Version : Pictures of radial knob E. Francais petzval needed

alex from holland
11-Mar-2012, 14:13
Is ther anyone who can help me with some detailed pictures of a E. Francais Petzval.
I found a VERY large one , produced in 1875 (dated on the glass)
Focal lenght is about 26 inch, f5.5
Unfortunately it is missing it's radial drive knob and i am thinking remaking it.



Steven Tribe
12-Mar-2012, 04:37
Have you checked Westlicht/Breker auction listings. They have often had this sort of huge Petzvals listed and take generally good photos.
Francais were also into the UK market and, although the big auction houses there no longer do Photographic items, they used too and the photos remain on internet.

alex from holland
12-Mar-2012, 08:34
Thanks Steven,

Maurits was so kind to send me some pictures of his lens.
So now i have to find someone over here who can fix it for me.


12-Mar-2012, 09:09
Talk to Eddie.
I know he just sold a larger one some months ago and thought I saw a smaller one recently. He may still have photos.

14-Mar-2012, 04:04
Good luck with the lens, Alex


Note that some had a radial drive....like Eddie's.