View Full Version : Copal 3 on a Linhof Board ?

Ken Lee
15-Dec-2003, 07:05
Can one mount a lens which is mounted on a #3 shutter, on a Linhof style board ? For example, any of the lenses in the 360 range, like a 355 G-Claron ?

I have an ArcaSwiss, which uses large boards - but my lenses are on Linhof boards, which being smaller, travel more nicely.

jarrod connerty
15-Dec-2003, 07:11
Sure they can, but will the front standard's protrusions interfere with the shutter's space?

If so, get this one (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&Q=&sku=63472&is=REG).

jerry brodkey
15-Dec-2003, 08:44
I have a 355 G-Claron mounted on a wista board. But as I look at it I notice that there is a ring between the board and the shutter so that the shutter sits out in front of the board itself. Remember though that some lenses in a Copal #3 shutter have bigger rear elements than the size of this smaller board. I forgot that once and put a 480 apo Symmar on this smaller board and found I couldn't mount it on the camera. There is a reason for big boards like Sinar or Toyo....


neil poulsen
15-Dec-2003, 09:02
Some Copal 3 shutters come with a spacer ring that fits between the back of the shutter and the lensboard. They're about 1/4" wide. To use it, the flange ring must be screwed on in the correct way.

It seems like that should be enough extra room to solve your problem. If you don't have one, I'm sure they can be ordered.

Scott Walton
15-Dec-2003, 09:39
I have done this and have one of the spacers. I have a Tec III and have to raise the front standard to get it in but that is a small price for the use of my 360mm and 250mm Imagon! I don't have one of the spacers on my Imagon so if you don't have one... they are necessary.

David A. Goldfarb
15-Dec-2003, 09:54
Another option is the Wista extension lensboard, which comes with three extension rings and three adapters for Copal 0, 1, and 3 that can also be drilled out like ordinary lensboards (or you could just order more). The extra extension can be handy anyway with these long lenses on a 4x5" camera, though of course it moves the node of the lens forward, requiring recomposition when you use front tilt and swing. I use one with my 360/5.5 Tele-Arton, since the node of the lens isn't anywhere near the shutter anyway, and the extra clearance makes it easier to reach everything.

Paul Metcalf
15-Dec-2003, 10:42
I've used a Prontor Pro #3 with a Nikor 450mm on a Linhof board and Linhof Tech V (puts a good stretch on the bellows!). The Copal should fit fine. The only issue I've had with the Linhof is when using a filter system like Cokin and the longer split neutral density filters. You run out of vertical room quickly with the front standard when trying to align the neutral line with the horizon.

Ole Tjugen
15-Dec-2003, 11:04
All my #3 shutters are Compounds... They fit on the plate, but barely. On the 4x5" camers (a Linhof Color) they have to sit exactly the way they sit so as not to interfere with the front standard. That means that when used on the 5x7"(Linhof Technika III, with adapter board) they must be removed fir changing from f:5.6 to f:16, and apertures between these cannot be used. I consider that a small sacrifice to be able to mount the lenses on both cameras with a minimum of hassle. Besides, I hardly ever use apertures between maximum and f:32 anyway...

15-Dec-2003, 11:25
My 360mm Tele-Xenar is mounted in a Compound shutter on an extension, and fits nicely, but tilting of the lensboard is extremely limited.

Ted Harris
15-Dec-2003, 11:41

Jerry gave you most of the correxct answer. You need a spacer ring which is/was supplied with the lens to give you sufficient room to change settings, etc..You can get one from Midwest (they usually have some kicking around) or from SK Grimes or direct from Schneider USA. max you shoulkd ahve to pay is $15.


Bob Salomon
15-Dec-2003, 14:22
No problem putting a 3 shutter on a Technika 45 board. 001119 and 001059 and the Linhof lensboards for Copal (1119) and Compur (1059) shutters.

What may not let you use a lens in 3 shutter on a camera that uses Technika boards is not the shutter size. It i:

1 the size of the rear element. Is it small enough to fit through the hole in the camera body (80mm)? 2 the shape of the rear mount of the lens. Some lenses that are small enough to fit through the hole in the body may hang up and not allow the lensboard to fit properly on the camera. In some cases we have milled the hole slightly higher then normal to raise the lens slightly above the normal position so it still fits throgh the hole in the body yet clears the bottom fitting of the borad so it mounts properly to the camera. This occurs only with some modern 240 and 300mm 72 and 75 coverage lenses.

Ken Lee
15-Dec-2003, 17:08
Thanks for all the helpful info. My Linhof-to-Arca adapter board has a hole that is 3.25 inches wide, which is 82.5 mm. The G-Claron 335 has a "front/rear mount diameter" of 80/75 millimeters, according to
G-Claron page (http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/large_format_lenses/g-claron/chart.htm" target="_blank)on the Schneider web site.

The lens caps (http://www.schneideroptics.com/photography/accessories/lens_caps/g-claron.htm" target="_blank) are listed as 80 and 75mm also, so I presume there will be enough room to get the lens and Linhof board onto the adaptor board... right ?

Jean-Louis Llech
16-Dec-2003, 03:54
1)A Linhof lensboard accepts lenses up to 83mm rear diameter.

2)I already use two lenses with a #3 Compur shutter (equivalent to the Copal) and have no serious problems with them : A Schneider Apo-Symmar 5.6/240 and a Schneider Apo-Tele-Xenar Compact 5.6/400.
As the #3 shutter is really big, and the lensboard rather small, on a Linhof Master Technika, I just have to rise a bit the lens if I need an important tilt downwards.