View Full Version : Loose focus locking lever.

Milton Messenger
13-Dec-2003, 18:43
Does anyone know how to tighten up the "Focus locking lever" on a TOYO 45AII camera? The lever that is on the right side next to the focusing knob. I want to be able to point my camera towards the ground (vertically) without the front standard or lens drifting out of place. It is loose and doesn't tighten up well. Thanks.

14-Dec-2003, 19:42

call toyo - they will provide you with whatever part you may need so you can install it yourself, or you can ship it to them and they will fix it for you. i had a problem with my 45cx - one of the focus blocks cracked - it was one of the older "styles" of focus blocks. i contacted toyo and they replaced front and back for me without a problem. i got it back within a few days me shipping it to them. ( it was painless )

good luck! - john ps. if you ship it to them they will re-allign everything for you if you ask :)