View Full Version : trigger cable mount on digital LF or -20C weather

9-Mar-2012, 05:01
I need a new solution. All my lenses (rodenstock and nikkor) uses the stander cable attach system where you screw in the trigger cable from above. This has two (for me) bid disadvantages.

1. When I do that in -20C it quite painful and when the fingers got a bit num, its almost impossible.

2. when using a digital back on the camera, I need the lens so close to the film plane (to get focus) that I have a negative lens plate. It goes inwards 1-2 cm, but that also results in its being impossible to fit a cable, since they are to stiff in the end. Ive tried some different ones but none works...

So is there another solution with a click on function, or a small adapter cable that always are mounted on the lens? Or how do you guys solve it.. This has actually been a problem for me for the last 5 years, but Ive never got around to asking anyone until now..


9-Mar-2012, 05:20
If you own a digital back, you can afford a cable release for each lens you own. Leave them attached to the lens. There you have it.

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2012, 05:57
1:Gepe Wide Angle Cable Release Extension,
2:Gepe L Adapter
3:Gepe U adapter.
4:Linhof Technika with the Cable Release Quick Socket Sytem attachment.

1 & 4 will solve your problem. But 4 may not fit your camera since you did not specify which system you use.

9-Mar-2012, 06:10
Ah. didn't know about these..
I found this link about the quick cable system and that might work.


but I can only guess how expensive this is going to be..
About the extension cords, if they are softer then a normal cord it might work. It solves the cold weather issue, but the usage with a recessed lens board is still a problem.

Thanks for the tips, ill google them.

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2012, 07:07
Unfortunately this is a link that shows you how the discontinued version goes together. Linhod no longer uses those small wires and now has a totally different connection system and socket that has now been in use for a couple of years. Much easier to work with and no mounting instructions are really needed. No spacers either. The spacer he shows was only on some of the sockets so his instructions may not work with all Linhof QR systems of that type.

9-Mar-2012, 07:31
Ok. Can you send me link to the new system? can't find it on linhof.de or google, unless its the one with a red dot on (but I guess that the old one).

I ended up buying 3 Gepe wide angle adapters from midwest exchange. They where the only ones that had them on stock and ready to ship to europe...

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2012, 08:20
There is no link to it. It is on the Linhof lens boards that use them. One of these is the Linhof 001015 COMFORT board. Older versions of this board that did not have the COMFORT feature used the type of connection that was shown in the old link you posted.

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2012, 08:31
Just to be clear.

The Gepe items are accessories sold by camera stores.
The Linhof boards with the QR Cable Release System are accessories available from camera stores.
The individual items that make up the Linhof QR system are repair parts available new only from a Linhof service station. They are not accessories and the individual parts can differ depending on the lens/shutter they are needed for. This is especially true for the old, wire activated versions.

9-Mar-2012, 09:43
ok, I just wanted to see a picture of one. Im think the gepe will work fine. thanks for taking the time to reply.