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David Brunell
8-Mar-2012, 07:38
Hi all. I recently purchased a "late" Rodenstock Imagon 250 in a copal #3 shutter off EBAY. My questions... Did the later models include the ND filter or was the lens sold without it due to the "faster" shutter speed. In addition, what filter thread can I expect on this lens?

Thanks for the help.

Bob Salomon
8-Mar-2012, 08:40
All Imagons sold since we became the distributor for the USA for Rodenstock in 1986 included 3 disks (120, 150, 200 and 250mm) or 2 disks (300mm); the ND filter and the lens hood. This was true regardless of the shutter (Copal, Compur, Prontor Professional) and whether it was in shutter or VF mount. Since the fastest shutter speed on the above shutter is 1/125 or so for the 200mm to 300mm (depending on the shutter it is mounted in) there were no faster shutter speeds.

No Imagon has a filter thread. They all accepted push-on filters, lens hoods and disks. Heliopan many years ago did offer Imagon push-on filters but they have not been available for decades.

David Brunell
8-Mar-2012, 08:44
Thank you Bob. I will have to search for an ND now, that is going to be a chore.

Bob Salomon
8-Mar-2012, 09:40
Unfortunately you are right! The filter was an included part of the lens, fit no other type of lens, and was not sold as an accessory. It was always a part of the included lens. So you will probably have to find someone who has a 200, 250 or 300 Imagon that is NG and wants to sell of the parts.

Oren Grad
8-Mar-2012, 10:53
...or have SK Grimes make you a push-on adapter so you can use threaded filters.

Armin Seeholzer
8-Mar-2012, 11:31
Or buy a 52mm Rodenstock ND Filter and use it front to the lens works almost as good as the normal one! Is sometimes i bit tricky to get it off but this could be improved with a filter ring!

Cheers Armin

David Brunell
8-Mar-2012, 11:49
Both good ideas, thanks.

Bob Salomon
8-Mar-2012, 12:50

Those are made by Heliopan and sold under the Rodenstock name in the yellow colored Rodenstock filter boxes they are the same as the original (later version) ND supplied with the Imagon. Just in a different mount.

David Brunell
8-Mar-2012, 19:16
Problem solved...The seller had another Imagon in stock and is selling me the correct filter. Now I have a complete set. Thank you for all the help.