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matthew blais
11-Dec-2003, 21:12
I came across one of these on Ebay (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2971114451) and it looks very much like a Shen-Hao, and looked at the sellers website (http://www.markimage.com/field45_intro.php) as well. Retails for about the same as the Shen and similar (?) specs.

Anyone have/use one or read any reviews? Mostly just curious.

Tim Curry
12-Dec-2003, 05:33
This camera does in fact look to be a Shen Hao or very near relative. Since Mark Image is a "Promotion" company, it stands to reason that they are not a manufacturer but a manufacturer's representative. As such, it is very likely that they have a deal worked out with S/H to help with marketing. Their prices are similar and the product looks to be exactly like the Shen Hao I own, perhaps it is just a coincidence?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
12-Dec-2003, 07:21
I had an email exhange with Markimage a year or so ago, and they stated that their camera was a remarked version of the Shen-Hao, with minor changes--primarily different hardware. Note that the camera I looked at was a version of the the cheaper Shen-Hao, the one without backrise, and this was the same price as the "full" version, so there is a significant mark up.

Michael E. Gordon
12-Dec-2003, 08:45
It looks like there has been an improvement in the back axis tilt.

Michael www.mgordonphotography.com

Paul Levin
13-Dec-2003, 15:47
The model on Ebay is obviously made by Shen Hao. It has the same movements as the lower model S/H with the addition of an interchangable bellows which is not available on the lower end S/H. We all know pictures can lie but it looks like attention has been made to upgrade the finish over the S/H HZ.

Aaron Rocky
13-Dec-2003, 21:49
I notice there is no bubble level.

Aaron Rocky
19-Dec-2003, 09:14
I don't understand. Why did those winners like to pay nearly the price of a 'full' version SH for a stripdown 1D?

Paul Levin
19-Dec-2003, 10:04
Perhaps they thought it was pretty. Some may like the fact it doesn't have the back movements but does have the interchangable bellows. The other possibility is old fashioned ignorance. I see people consistantly over pay for items on EBay. It's the frenzy of the auction. I've actually seen used items sell for higher prices than new costs. Go figure.