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11-Dec-2003, 12:56
I'm going to be in New York over the holidays and I'd like to visit some public or private galleries with good photographic collections. I'm particularly interested in seeing work by Philip Lorca di Corcia, Bruce Davidson, Paul Strand and Arnold Newman. Suggestions?

Louie Powell
11-Dec-2003, 14:30
Rory -

My wife and I make an annual trek to the city to stroll through galleries - this is something my wife does for me for my birthday. I find that the best way to plan the trip is to peruse the Photography in New York web site (www.photography-guide.com) a week or so before the visit to see what is actually showing.

We generally start around Canal Street, walking North through SOHO up to about Prince Street. Then, we take the subway up to around 23rd street and head west into Chelsea. There are also a number of nice galleries in midtown and upper East Side, but by the time we finish in Chelsea, we generally find that the time has come to switch from my preferences to my wife's choices (ie, shopping).

Have a great trip.


11-Dec-2003, 15:55
Buy a copy of the New Yorker magazine. In the Talk of the Town section you will find museum exhibition listings and mention of notable gallery shows of photography. For a more comprehensive but less critical guide try www.photography-guide.com.

mehmet kismet
11-Dec-2003, 17:04
Typically for Paul Strand and Arnold Newman, you can visit Howard Greenberg gallery at Soho.

Mr. Greenberg is a very nice enthousiastic gentleman.

Mehmet Kismet

David A. Goldfarb
11-Dec-2003, 19:57
Pick up _The Village Voice_ for free anywhere within the 5 boroughs of New York City (or pay for it outside the city, or look at it online at www.villagevoice.com), for current photo listings when you are in town.

17-Dec-2003, 14:07
Thanks very much for these responses. Louie, grateful for the reference to the photography-guide website. Wasn't aware of it.