View Full Version : 165mm Super Angulon - Filters & shade suggestions?

Daniel Grenier
11-Dec-2003, 09:37
I just bought a Schneider 165mm Super Angulon on ebay for my 8x10 and I'm wondering what you S.A. owners use for filters on this massive lens. I am looking for yellow, orange and red filters. I really don't think I would need a centre filter but do any of you use one? What about a good lens shade while we're at it?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Gene M
11-Dec-2003, 11:26
What size filter does it require ? I've got some big ones lying around.

Bob Salomon
11-Dec-2003, 12:53
Should be 105mm.

Daniel Grenier
11-Dec-2003, 16:28
Mine is actually a 110mm. There are no indications of that on the lens but I've measured it and it also states so on the "vintage" section of the Schneider web site.

Bob Salomon
11-Dec-2003, 16:49
Are you sure that 110mm isn't the outside diameter of the lens?

The filter size would include the pitch as well as the diameter. So 105 x 1.0 is a filter size. So is 105E or 105ES.

110mm is a diameter measure.

tim atherton
11-Dec-2003, 17:50
Coated version is:M 105 X 1

Multi-Coated version is: M 110 X 1

Daniel Grenier
12-Dec-2003, 05:54
110mm it is indeed - outside is 115mm. I just re-measured using a caliper to make sure.

Bob Salomon
12-Dec-2003, 07:36
Heliopan also makes 110mm x 1 filters.

Carl Weese
13-Dec-2003, 11:59
On the rare occassions I use filters, with the massive 165 SA I tape a 4" gel or acetate filter to the back of the rear element, inside the camera. A reasonable alternative to the huge filter you'd need to use on the front.---Carl