View Full Version : Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler - Manhatta (FYI)

11-Dec-2003, 08:09
In 1920 Strand and Sheeler colaborated on a six minute avant-gard movie called "Manhatta" (after Walt Whitman). It was apparently the precursor for such movies as "Berlin, Symphony of a City." I've always wanted to view it, but never found a source until now. It is available on the Metropolitan Museum website: www.metmuseum.org/explore/artists_view/manhatta_main.html

David A. Goldfarb
11-Dec-2003, 10:25
Thanks! I've also been looking for it for ages and haven't been able to see it until now.

11-Dec-2003, 11:03
Great, thank you!

Bill Hahn
12-Dec-2003, 08:00
"Manhatta" is also on the DVD of "Under The Dark Cloth", a movie made about Paul Strand and available from amazon.

Paul Strand made a movie about Mexican fishermen called "The Wave", and got a young man named Fred Zinnemann to help direct it. Zinnemann went on to direct some rather famous films, e.g., "A Man For All Seasons", and "High Noon". Mr. Zinnemann is interviewed about Paul Strand in "Under The Dark Cloth", as is Georgia O'Keefe.

Hope this helps