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Michael Kadillak
9-Dec-2003, 22:12
After seeing by accident how easily the lenscaps on my Nikon 120 and 150 SW compressed in the center at the risk of the caps making contact with the lens surface, I found myself feeling like I needed a set of the rigid SK Grimes lenscaps as insurance against this potential occurance. However, I did not want to hassle with boxing up a perfectly functional lens and lose the use of it for the time it took to have the caps fit to it. I talked about the situation with I believe Adam and recomended that they consider an alternative to a one lens - one fit system. Several days later I got a call and they had found the specs for many of the modern lens offerings on a website that listed the outside diameters of the lens elements and expressed a willingness to cut me a few sets of caps to see if they would work. I received four sets and they fit like a glove - surely as good as if the lens was there to fit it to. I just wanted to mention this in the event someone else was considering this service but like me, did not want to part company with a lens to accomplish the objective. While I recognize that the caps are not cheap, they do their job to protect the lens surface as intended. Thanks SK Grimes!

Mark Nowaczynski
10-Dec-2003, 06:05
I have likewise ordered SK Grimes lenscaps from specs alone for my five LF lenses. All ten caps also fit like a glove. This proves that you can trust the specs of German lenses as well as the excellent workmanship at SK Grimes.

The SK Grimes caps are in a completely different league than the flimsy and cheap caps currently used by Rodenstock and Schneider. Every good lens deserves good lenscaps!

John Cook
10-Dec-2003, 06:19
Grimes caps are indeed first-rate. And a necessity for your lenses which measure a whopping four inches in diameter.

I have been using a variety of Nikkor W and M lenses from 135mm to 200mm on my 4x5, all of which conveniently measure 52mm. For these, I have had excellent results with the Op Tech Fast Caps which just swing out of the way. One less thing to drop in the field.


James Driscoll
10-Dec-2003, 07:43
I recently visted SK Grimes....and Adam gave me a tour of the shop. He was actually excited to give us (my soon to be wife and our friend) a tour...due to the fact that 99% of their trade is via the mail.

He fired up some of the CNC machines and showed us how they cut lens caps...and even let us fondle the raw stock...and even showed us the "screw up pile" of lens caps.

For those who haven't seen these caps....you would swear they are metal...they don't even seem like lens caps!!!

SK Grimes truly is a one of a kind shop these days...we drove up to Rhode Island from NYC on a Saturday and even though they weren't open...Adam agreed to come in and meet us.

The two lenses they repaired for me where done quickly and they saved me money.

I really can't see using anyone else.....the service is right up there with their ability.

Nick Morris
10-Dec-2003, 09:41
I was able to use the plastic cap from Pringles potato chips packaging tube as lens caps for my 16 1/4" Wollensak Triple. Perfect fit. Of course, they aren't as rigid as custom made, but do a good job protecting the glass, and make a funny story.

David du Busc
12-Dec-2003, 08:02
Nick, I'm with you. I was having my 50mm Distagon cla'ed a few years ago, when I asked the technician, a very meticulous and fastidious person [ Hasselblad trained], if he had any ideas for a front lens cap. He gazed into space and said "Cake icing... Duncan Hines, I think... it's red" The next day I was shopping for cake icing with my Hasselblad. It was an moment I treasure and an equipment breakthrough for me. I can now be found at the glass recycling area of the dump looking at the vast assortment of lids, ocassionally finding a prospect and wondering if it will fit one of the Dagors.

In addition to the price being right, the look on the face of someone who sees the Duncan Hines lenscap is worth the price of the icing...

Bob Salomon
12-Dec-2003, 10:14
Yes but if that cap you are recycling has plasticisers in it you may ruin the lens.