View Full Version : Super Angulon 90/f8

Carlos Co
4-Feb-1999, 17:23
How many versions of the Schneider Super Angulon 90/f8 are there? Are there old est, older, old, later, and latest versions of this lens? If so, how do you tel l them apart. I have found a Super Angulon 90/f8 for sale at a relatively cheap price of $350, but I'm not sure if it is comparable to the latest version that B&H sells for ~$1000.

Ron Shaw
4-Feb-1999, 17:27
The older SA lenses are in a chrome barrel, and the latest are black. I dont know if they use different optical formulas, but the Schneider web site may be of some help. http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/large.htm

Brian Ellis
5-Feb-1999, 19:17
One of the big differences is between single coated and multi coated (I don't think any Super Angulons were uncoated but I'm not sure of this). The multi coated ones are easily identifiable - they say "Multicoated" on the lens. The difference between single coating and multi coating is actually minimal in most situations so single coating is not a bad deal but certainly a single coated lens would normally sell for less than a multi coated lens. If the lens in question is multi coated and the glass is fine then $350 is a terrific price. You can find out its approximate age if you get the serial number and then go to the Schneider web site (www.schneideroptics.com), where they list year of manufacture by serial number.

David L. DuPuy
15-Feb-1999, 13:14
The Super Angulon I have (from my dad in the 1960's) has a Compur shutter. The newer ones have a Copal shutter. The old Compur works okay after I had it cleaned and lubed, but if the one you are looking at is an old one, you could count on an extra $100 roughly to get this done. David