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John Henry
4-Mar-2012, 13:56
I'd like some info on Slavich graded papers from anyone who has used them. The reason being that my grandson has now taken an interest in photography and I want to teach him from the ground up. I figure graded papers would be a better place to start. We will be using a 4x5 view camera with either some of the cheap Chinese/Shanghi film I have or some FP4+/Acros in my stash. My developer will be either Ilford DD-X or more likely WD2D+ pyro. The enlarger is going to be an old Omega D2V-condenser and the paper developer is LPD. I'd like to know just how the Slavich papers respond to pyro negs and a condenser light source. John

Jim Fitzgerald
4-Mar-2012, 14:57
Actually I may not be much help as I fix out the Slavich Mat paper to use for printing portraits in carbon. Lovely paper. I was told by Freestyle that they may not be able to get the paper anymore due to the manufacturer havind some issues but I'm not sure what that was. Last time I was in they mentioned it. I'd get a hold of them and ask. I did print some silver images on their paper a long time ago and it was very good as I recall. I did use LPD and the blacks were great.

John Henry
4-Mar-2012, 17:26
I also just did some searching and found that Freestyle wasn't going to handle the paper anymore, but I couldn't confirm that. I'm glad to hear that LPD and Slavich work well together since I'm a fan of LPD.

John Henry
6-Mar-2012, 07:06
I posted this on another forum also, but thought I'd see if anybody was interested here...........

Slavich paper order from Laser Reflections...................

I sent an email to Laser Reflections yesterday and received a reply back from Bernadette about my/our inquire. Here's a copy of the email sent and her reply:
(sent) Hi Ron or Bernadette,
I was told that Freestyle will no longer supply us with Slavich graded papers and was directed to Laser Reflections as a new distributor. Is it true that you will be importing Slavich papers? I didn't see any sign of that on your web site. I have several folks who might be interested in doing a group order and was wondering about availability and price.
Any info would be a great help,
John Wiegerink

(reply) John,
Thank you for the inquiry. I am still gathering pricing information from my distributor in Lithuania. If you could let me know what paper weight and type you and the other folks are most likely to order, it would help a lot. Availability doesn’t seem to be a problem and the price should be reasonable from what I have seen so far.
Best regards,
Bernadette Olson

Laser Reflections
P.O. Box 655
Seabeck, WA 98380
Tel: 360-830-5936

So, I guess we have to see who wants what and get back to her. The problem with me doing it is that everything has to be via email since I suffer from severe nerve deafness and cannot use the phone, which makes things a little hard for me in the communications department. I think if we just cold at least give her a little "heads up" as to what we want it would at least get the ball rolling. What do you think? JohnW