View Full Version : Tips for Park City, UT in March (LF Photo, not Skiing)

Peter Rip
8-Dec-2003, 20:37
Hi All,

I have several friends going to Park City in mid-March. They plan to ski and I am thinking of going shooting instead. But I am wondering if there really is much around there in mid-March, besides lots of white-on-white. I want to drive maybe 1 hr. from the resort, i.e., I don't think I can get to any National Parks on this long weekend.

Is there anything around? I do mainly landscapes, but if there are some interesting small towns or other rustic things, I'll give it a try. Any ideas are much appreciated.


Guy Tal
8-Dec-2003, 20:56
You can rent a pair of snowshoes and trekking poles at the Salt Lake City REI (15-20 minutes from Park City) and do some winter snowshoe trails (lots of them along the Wasatch Front, email me off line if you need specifics).
Most of the mountain roads will likely be closed, but you can still get to places like Antelope Island or shoot snow scenes from the scenic roads (Big/Little Cottonwood Canyons, Provo Canyon, Highway 92 to Sundance, and many others).
There are a lot of little towns around as well, some with pretty neat farmhouses, barns, etc.


Jeff Moore
8-Dec-2003, 21:37
Man, if you go to Park City, you've got to ski at least a day or two. It would be down right criminal to do otherwise!

John Kasaian
8-Dec-2003, 21:53
Jeff is right! Stuff you LF into a daypack and get on some skis for great Winter vistas. If you don't ski, take a tram ride to the top of some of the ski areas in the nieghborhood at the very least. Thats what my "Poor Man's Technika"(5x7 Speed Graphic) and I are doing this Winter in the Sierras. ------Cheers!

Peter Rip
8-Dec-2003, 22:47
Actually I swore off downhill skiiing after last year... after many years, the hassle/fun quotient finally went below 1.0. However, the idea of snow shoeing is exciting. I've never done it. It is definitely worth a try.


Frank Petronio
9-Dec-2003, 08:59
Head East to Heber City - population drops off rapidly - very simple, stark landscapes. Northeastern Utah is pretty sparse.

Daniel Blakeslee
10-Dec-2003, 17:45

Your hassle/fun quotient might go above 1.0 again once you try the Utah snow. I shouldn't say that since my home state is Colorado, but the skiing really is better in Utah. A trip to Heber City or any other scarcely populated area away from the crowds in Park City is a good idea. I think Utah is the most beautiful state in the union. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful deserts. Arches. No end to the beauty, summer or winter, almost everywhere. Brigham Young was not stupid when he led the Mormons from Illinois to Utah.