View Full Version : Any info on this mystery brass lens and large camera?

Jon Shiu
2-Mar-2012, 17:34
I'm considering bidding on the pictured lens (and camera) but the seller tells me there is no info written on it. Any idea what the lens is?



2-Mar-2012, 18:01
The camera is definitely one of the Eastman Century studio cameras judging by the form of the camera and the look and location of the identifying plate on the camera beneath the lens. Given the length of the bellows I'd guess the camera is a Century 10A. The lens I don't know, but the lensboard will be a 9"x9" square. You should be able to estimate the dimensions of the lens based on that.

2-Mar-2012, 19:25
I agree, it is either a 7a or 10a or master studio. All the same camera for the most part. Sliding carriage back, cant tell what size it is without seeing the rear. The lens looks like a Voigtlander euryscop on account of the size, form and the height of the hood. This would be a tricky bid for me, and I am rather brave when it comes to bidding. If its a voigtlander, you landed a solid deal. If its a no name and not fast, you may be sitting on it.

Jon Shiu
2-Mar-2012, 20:03
Thanks for the info guys. If the seller can't see any words on the lens I guess I'll just bid a small amount.


Jon Shiu
4-Mar-2012, 21:14
It was a no-name lens with bad edge separation. The 10a camera had an 8x10 back and film holder, but was generally in poor condition with stiff and cracked bellows and missing knob at rail back. I did bid $250, figured it would be a project, but the other bidder was a antique/junk shop dealer who thought it looked cool as a display piece was willing to go to $500, so I didn't get it.


Steven Tribe
5-Mar-2012, 02:05
I'm proud that you made such a sensible decision - there will always be another one without the obvious bellows problem that this one had!
The studio cameras I have bought recently (3) have all been "decoration" objects in private homes, where the more sensible partner has eventually convinced her man to get rid of the object. There are more to sale around spring cleaning time!