View Full Version : Polaroid 405 back darkslide

2-Mar-2012, 05:56
Hi All,
I scored a 405 back but the seller neglected to mention the missing darkslide. Does anyone have a 405 darkslide and can send me the dimensions?


Frank Petronio
2-Mar-2012, 05:59
What a jerk!

2-Mar-2012, 06:04
I am more of an ass than a jerk

Frank Petronio
2-Mar-2012, 06:18
I meant the seller lol

Marc B.
2-Mar-2012, 07:48
8.85 cm X 14.3 cm. I'm not near my 405 back for my 4 X 5 camera, but these are the measurements from
my 405 back for my RZ. I think the measurements would be the same for all 405 backs...but I'm not positive.

2-Mar-2012, 09:42
thanks Marc! I will cut up a slide and see if it works

2-Mar-2012, 11:48
I got one a while back with no dark slide and I made one out of a sheet of .02" black plastic I got from Micro-Mark. I believe you will find that the slides from a typical sheet film holder are a slightly too thick.

5-Mar-2012, 00:12
yeah polaroid slides are super thin. so thin they bend.

Frank Petronio
5-Mar-2012, 05:36
They do pop up on eBay from time to time, try to get a metal one.

8-Mar-2012, 06:32
I have a 4x5 405 holder, so if the dimensions for the smaller holder don't work remind me tonight and I'll get out the tape measure.

Michael Cienfuegos
10-Mar-2012, 08:22
I have one that I'm not using. I have a broken back which I trashed and kept the slide. It's 88 x 140mm (approx.) You can have it if it works for you.