View Full Version : Emil Busch 24" Aplanat

Craig Tuffin
1-Mar-2012, 22:54
I have the opportunity to grab one of these lenses with an iris from the standard RR/aplanat f8 to f64 (it's not the rapid aplanat f6). It covers 20x24 and is in extremely good condition with a flange.

I am looking for something to use with bigger plates. Does anyone have any idea what one of these is worth (ball park figure) in todays market. I can't find anything in completed listing on fleabay.


Steven Tribe
2-Mar-2012, 03:41
I think these extra large RR's were made for map making and similiar activities. Dallmeyer's 24" is recommended for 16x18" so perhaps 20x24" is stretching it a bit?
20x24 is a limited market with only a few "late entries" so it depends whether there are 0, 1, 2 or 3 people who are looking for a big RR at any one given time.

Craig Tuffin
2-Mar-2012, 06:15
Thanks Steven!

I thought the same thing in regards to coverage and came upon the data sheet I attached.

In saying that, specified and actual coverage can sometimes differ I suppose.


2-Mar-2012, 11:51
It probably will illuminate 20x24 and may even cover fairly sharply if being used at portrait distances. Having said that, I doubt it will will command a very high price unless a collector is interested. 24" f/6 Aero Tessars are pretty common and cheap for those who want a fast lens at this focal length, and 24" f/9 APO Artars, Ronars, Tessars, Nikkors, e.t.c are also common and cheap for those who want a sharp well-corrected 24" lens.