View Full Version : How to repair black hinge tape on wood 8x10 holders?

7-Dec-2003, 15:42
Hi all and thanks for the help again.

I just got my 8x10 and everything looks great except the hinge tape on the wood holders. They crack and break at the seam from I would guess dry rot.(old camera) How would one go about repairing/replacing it? Thanks,

Doug Theall Montgomery, Alabama

7-Dec-2003, 16:09

if you don't have the tape already - check out talas in new york ( http://talas-nyc.com/ ) or gaylord brothers ( http://www.gaylord.com ) look for "bookbinders tape" it is the best stuff i have found to repair hinges.

others may suggest differntly, but i just have the holder closed - carefully - trim what you can and put a piece of tape over what is already there. have never had a problem & some are going on 14 years :)

good luck!


8-Dec-2003, 08:05
Calumet sells film holder tape.

Brian Ellis
8-Dec-2003, 13:17
You don't need special tape, just get some black tape from Home Depot or somewhere like that. Remember that the tape doesn't perform a light blocking function, the light trap at the bottom of the holder does that. The tape is only there to serve as a hinge so the particular tape you use isn't important as long it stays on and is flexible enough to serve as a hinge.