View Full Version : Where to buy Bellows: 30 inch for an 8x10 B&J camera??

Joseph Santos
7-Dec-2003, 15:06

Does anyone out there know where I might buy a 30 inch bellows for an 8x10 Burke & James camera? Any idea of the cost?

Thanks in advance,


David R Munson
7-Dec-2003, 15:20
If you want a good set of bellows for just about anything, custom or otherwise, Camera Bellows in the UK seems hard to beat. I got replacement bellows for my Deardorff 8x10 from them and the quality is absolutely top-notch. I think I paid about $250 for mine. Here (http://www.camerabellows.com/) is their site.

7-Dec-2003, 15:39
Turner Bellows (search yahoo) will sell you a functional if not pretty bellows for around $185. At least that's what I paid for my Korona bellows.

Robert A. Zeichner
7-Dec-2003, 16:41
Western Bellows Co. 7454 Henbane Street, Etiwanda CA 91739 (909) 980-0606. They are very reasonable, prompt and nice to deal with. Also, they make good bellows. Just had them do a replacement for my 8x10 Deardorff and am very pleased.

Wayne Crider
7-Dec-2003, 17:18
I think there's a need for a directory heading labeled "Where To Find" It's nice to be able to look stuff up fast, then wading thru multiple threads to find great info like that above.

David G. Gagnon
7-Dec-2003, 18:36
I'll second the recommendation of Western Bellows. They sold me one for my 8x10 Deardorff and I have been very pleased. The turnaround time was very short, I believe it was less than a week. They used some sort of synthetic material. I would definitely use them again.

If I wanted leather bellows, I would try Camera Bellows in the UK, as I have heard tremendous things about their work.


7-Dec-2003, 19:24
I second the "Where to find: " heading. Maybe with the items listed in alphabet order. But just hard to find items. Bellows, machineable plastics, leather to recover cameras, 16 x 20 film holders, ect. Not normal things that are available at average camera stores.

Scott Walton
8-Dec-2003, 09:46
I was under the gun needing a new bellows for my Tec III last year. I needed one so that I could use my ultra wide to my 360mm and what I got back... in record time, was a stunning new bellows! The company in Florida couldn't guarranty that I would have the compression needed for my wides so I'm glad I went with Camera Bellows in the UK!!! Cannot give them enough praise on a job well done with a stunning product!