View Full Version : Lens shade and filter holder

Christian Olivet
7-Dec-2003, 11:25
I have been looking for shades for lenses. I have found very few. An interesting one is the Lee system that allows you to insert up to two filters simultaneously. The shading bellows looks light weight but its aspect ratio matches perfectly a 5x7 camera.That is a bummer because I need one for my 8x10. There is got to be one in the market with this aspect ratio! Know of any good quality compendium shade for my 8x10?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
7-Dec-2003, 13:27
For what it is worth, the wide-angle hood appears to be similar to the 5x7 aspect while the regular hood is square. I use this square hood with 5x7 with no problems at all. Note also that the wide-angle hood is significantly larger than the regular one.

8-Dec-2003, 16:04
I use a Lee compendium on Cokin holder for everything from 35mm to 8x10. As long as I check that it's not vignetting, I've never had a problem with it. I love it.