View Full Version : Schneider Angulon 6.8/90 on 4x5

Peter Witkop
5-Dec-2003, 21:09
So today I was more than a little absent minded, and didn't check the specs on a lens before purchasing. I purchased a Angulon 6.8/90 which I plan on using on my tachihara. After checking the specs on the schneider web site, it doesn't appear to quite cover 4x5 at F/16. A little more searching did find mention of the lens in use on 4x5, which was heartening. I was wondering if anyone had used this lens on 4x5 and done so successfully? I'm assuming that I'd be working stoped down to get any reasonable quality near the edges. I'm hoping this will be a lens I can use at least for the time being and not something that's of little use to me that I'll need to try and re-sell. Thanks very much for any help.


David Vickery
5-Dec-2003, 21:31
I have one that I have used for 10 or 12 years on my various 4x5 cameras and have been very happy with it for color and black and white. But I have not been trying to do architectural work with it. It covers 4x5 but does not have very much movement. Other than that it is a great, small lens.

Ole Tjugen
6-Dec-2003, 04:11
The 90mm Anglon was made for 9x12cm, not 4x5". But it covers adequately at f32, and is a really nice lightweight lens. No movements, though - you'd need a Super-Angulon for than (at 6 times the weight and 10 times the price).

phil sweeney
6-Dec-2003, 06:24
I have two of these and they cover 4 x 5 just fine. I'd recommend using it primarily at f22. Some of the older ones will not stop down a little past f22, though scaled to f32. The newer ones are scaled to f45. If the serial number is around 7,000,000 or larger its been made since the 60s and should be a very good lens.

David A. Goldfarb
6-Dec-2003, 07:19
It's a nice compact lens, and it covers, but not with much room for movements. Image quality will drop off very suddenly at the edge of the image circle before you see any vignetting, so you may want to make a few test shots, say a vertical shot with dramatic front rise (but be sure there's some detail at the top of the frame and in the corners) to get a feel for what the limits are.

Also, with vertical shots, be careful that the bed of the camera stays out of the frame. You may need to drop the bed or slide the back of your camera forward, depending on how your camera is designed. I found I needed to drop the bed on my Technika with a 90/6.8 Angulon, but I don't with the 90/8.0 Super-Angulon.

Terry Roth
6-Dec-2003, 15:35
WHy don't you just take a few pix, and tell us how it covers?? Geez.

Peter Witkop
6-Dec-2003, 19:54
Thanks for all the replies. It seems the lens should work ok for now at least,I got it mostly for landscapes, so movements shouldn't be a big issue at the moment at least. I haven't recieved the lens yet, though. Again thanks for the replies :o)


ronald lamarsh
8-Dec-2003, 19:14
It will more than work for now I'd say I've had mine for 5yrs now and love it. Yes it barely covers 4x5 I think the schnieder web site lists it as a lens for 9x12cm which if you do the math it great with some room for movement and I dare say that 9x12cm( I have a convienent outline on my Tech III's GG) will give just as good image quality as 4x5 if fact I like the aspect ratio better. Using my lens as described I've been able to make 16x20's that are stunning. For architectural work it is limited, but I just recently picked up a 90mm f8 super angulon for all of $95! Forget e____y for a while and cruise your local pro camera shops they seem to be caught up in a digital haze.....I got such a good deal because they picked it up at an estate and didn't want to bother checking it out(shutter cla etc.)the shutter works fine and the glass is near mint!