View Full Version : success with infrared film and ecbuyonline2008 bellows?

26-Feb-2012, 20:09
I"m referring to "ecbuyonline2008", the ebay seller. I know several of you mentioned owning bellows from this guy in another thread. Anyone successfully used infrared film with them?

Their answer was that they aren't able to produce IR proof bellows but I have the feeling, they haven't tested them. My situation is this:
I have a chamonix 45n-2 with universal bellows which aren't suitable for infrared film (I don't care if your chamonix works with IR and I'm not wrapping my camera in aluminum foil) and I'd like to get a set that will handle all my lenses from 65mm to 450mm. I started this thread as well regarding the shenhao PTB camera and it's bellows: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?87509-Measure-your-shenhao-ptb-bellows-for-me&highlight=shenhao+ptb

I'm interested in other companies as well that could make what I need for a reasonable price. The bellows just need to be really flexible, not like those on my Wehman which are very heavy duty.

Please don't turn this thread into a shouting match about chinese goods vs. angry forum member #455, I'm just trying to get the job done w/o spending several hundred dollars.