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Gene McCluney
26-Feb-2012, 07:55
Finally, I have a digital capture system that I can appreciate. I have to provide digital as part of my studio product photography business. I recently purchased a Hasselblad V series 39 mp back, and a sliding back adapter to fit my Sinar P-expert camera. It allows me to continue to use my standard studio work-flow for product photography. The (3rd party) adapter features a ground glass with crop marks for the digital sensor, and the adapter allows one to mount the digital back in either horizontal or vertical positions. A nice touch is that standard Hasselblad magifying hoods can be slid onto the ground glass portion of the adaptor to provide magnification for critical focusing. It is a relief to be able to make all my perspective and field of focus adjustments just as for film. Many of my jobs require film and digital, and with the Sinar, it is quite a simple task to reconfigure the camera with different lens and back for film. I find that my Schneider and Rodenstock lenses work great for digital, very sharp. For location, I can use it on my Hasselblad.

27-Feb-2012, 07:54
Yes....Indeed! You'll enjoy this addition to your workflow. In fact, that sliding-back adapter also allows you to make minor shifts in-bellows without using the major-axis shifts of the P-movements. This is an added benefit, for speed and stitching. There will be times when you'll need the "Digitar-Digital" series of lenses....for maximum resolution. Since the sensor is small compared with film size, the glass needs to resolve more usable lp/mm in order to yield the desired results. Enjoy!

7-Apr-2012, 07:35
Hi Gene, I use a similar setup in my business and have run into the limitations of sensor size VS film size as PhiloFarmer describes. I started using digital stitching to enlarge my "sensor area" years ago, starting with an 8MP Megavision way back when it was the latest and greatest. Now I use a 22MP Leaf back on my Sinar with a Multistitch (http://www.multistsich.com) adaptor plate and my old film lenses and I get captures of about 75MP. The best part is that I can use the ground glass for focusing and composing like I always did. It works very much like the Quadstitch (http://www.kapturegroup.com) from Kapture Group but does not interfere with camera movements. Congrats on your new "toy"!

bob carnie
7-Apr-2012, 14:17
Gene , we have the same exact kit here with Sinar and the back... I haven't a clue how it works but my business partner and studio mate do magic with this setup.

7-Apr-2012, 14:17
How do the cheap Chinese adapters compare to this model?

Multistitch (http://www.multistsich.com)

8-Apr-2012, 21:04
How do the cheap Chinese adapters compare to this model?

i am wondering about it too. Strictly speaking 22mp Leaf is 1.1 crop from 645. to cover full 4x5 you need actual four 645 frames (9x12 :(4.5 + 4.5) x (6 x 6) ) So how the heck they cover it with just 4 cropped ones? They won't even overlap! Not to mention that at every position digital back would have to be rotated to follow orientation of frame.

Of course according to site, if you dig long enough they mostly go after 2x3.. which you already getting with any sliding adapter, for a wee bit less than 1500.. heh. Ok.. about 4 times less.