View Full Version : Turner Reich Serial Number Question

Joshua Roberts
24-Feb-2012, 14:04
I have a Turner Reich triple convertible with the serial number RE0010 on both cells. The lens is an F 7.0 Series II, 12.4", 19", 25", mounted in an Alphax shutter. Anyone have an idea about the serial number? I don't think Gundlach used the Kodak CAMEROSITY codes or was even still in business in 1954. Maybe a prototype or a special run from the government? Any information from the great and the good would by appreciated.

Louis Pacilla
24-Feb-2012, 15:05
There is really no exact way to tell but and educated guess I would say it's a late model maybe 1950s. Due to the Alphax shutter and the newer code probably started w/ one of the later owners.Not to mention the later TRs Series II 8x10 size are a 1/2" longer combined focal length ( 12 1/2" versus 12" ) and start at f7. While the earlier Series II TR 8x10 started at f6.8.

Is your lens coated? I bet it could be single coated. Oh yea! if I'm correct They where in business at least into the 1960's and maybe into the early 70's. Not sure if they were focused solely on photo gear but imagine they still produced some as late as the 60's

Hope this helps

BTW I really like the Turner Reich Series II and IIIs and always seem to keep a couple in my arsenal. That said, what I really like are the Gundlach Hyperion Diffusion and Achromatic Meniscus Portrait lenses but they are WAY different animals.

Joshua Roberts
25-Feb-2012, 11:47
Thanks Louis. That is a big help. And the lens is single coated as you surmised.