View Full Version : Ilford Harman Direct Positive in 8x10 now in stock

Robert Skeoch
24-Feb-2012, 09:22
I now have these papers in stock in Canada.
Ilford-Harman Direct Positive Fibrebase Paper is primarily suited for use in pinhole cameras where exposure and processing in conventional black and white photo chemistry achieves a unique positive print - without the need for a film negative or inter-negative.
4X5 25 sheets $28.35
8X10 25 sheets $92.00

Armin Seeholzer
1-Mar-2012, 04:41
How do I know which is the emulsion side of this paper from Ilford, I do not understand that they can not do a mark on the paket which is which!!!!??? Or a little marking like film would also be fine for me!

Cheers Armin

Kimberly Anderson
1-Mar-2012, 06:52
The emulsion side curls very strongly with the FB paper. I have no experience with the RC paper.

I have been using this for several months too, my daughter just finished her science fair project on how this paper behaves under different color temperatures of light and if it suffers from reciprocity failure. The sizes listed are 'nominal' sizes, so they are designed to be used in film holders. No cutting required.

Get a box, it's neat stuff! BTW, the ISO is 1.5, NOT 3 as the box suggests.