View Full Version : Compound V users - your help needed.

Ramiro Elena
24-Feb-2012, 06:02
Just got a Xenar in a Compund V without the front plate (you all probably saw it on eBay).

I want to make the front plate out of aluminum and probably try to use the speed dial out of a Compound IV. The piston looks the same size in both IV and V.

I would however, need an aperture scale. I can try and do that too but I would need a guide. Would anyone here be willing to trace, draw, photograph (or whatever option you think is best) their scale and email it to me so I can make one?

Maybe you know of a source in the Internet with a drawing or schematic to download?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.
PS: I will also be looking for a flange (90mm) in no time. :)


Steven Tribe
24-Feb-2012, 13:14
I think you right about identical size of the piston/dial. But the 3rd version Compound in my catalogue says the speeds for size 4 are 75 50 25 10 5 2 3 1 Speeds for the 5 are just 50 25 10 5 2 1.

24-Feb-2012, 13:56
I have a flange for it.

Ramiro Elena
24-Feb-2012, 17:41
Steven, I just switched the pistons and they fit fine. I get different speeds too but who knows without the dial. The dial is quite different from one to another. I wonder if the difference is only cosmetic or has to do with the mechanism.
I am not worried about accurate speeds because I already assumed they would be off. I'll do a test and see what I get but thanks for the info.

E. von Hoegh
25-Feb-2012, 09:17
There is a cam on the rear of the dial, this is what controls the speeds. The cam and dial must match each other, as well as the shutter, to get the correct speeds.

Ramiro Elena
25-Feb-2012, 09:30
I am aware of that. Not sure if the cam in the IV and V are the same though. I need to look up the repair manual. I am either going to use the dial from the Compound IV or make one from scratch.