View Full Version : 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 Availability

Paul Florio
4-Feb-1999, 09:11
Just came into an old 3 1/4X 4 1/4 Graphic. Is this size film commercially avail able? If not any tips on cutting 4X5 film to fit? Thanxs.

Gary Frost
4-Feb-1999, 16:21
You may consider fitting it with a 6X9 (2 1/4 X 3 1/4) roll film back. I don't think this size sheet film is readily available. No ideas for cutting 4X5 here, too much handling in the dark for me.

Darron Spohn
5-Feb-1999, 13:31
Keebel & Schuchat in Palo Alto, CA< USA had some Ilford FP4+ in this size a few months ago, and other dealers may be able to order it. If your camera has the Gafloc back the roll film holder is your best option. That way you'd have a much wider choice of film instead of limiting yourself to a few emulsions that may be discontinued at any time.

Bob Nugent
4-Apr-1999, 02:28
Paul, Ilford still makes 3x4 film in HP-5, but its a bitch to find any in this country . My son has just moved to london and there may be a chance that I will have a s ource of supply. As to cutting the film, just rent a clean room from Intel.