View Full Version : One more lens.... Nikkor 210 W 5.6 ?

John Conway
23-Feb-2012, 14:18
I have one more hole to fill in my 4x5 lens set. Since I have a Fuji 180 5.6 and Fuji 250 6.3, I think the Nikon 210 will fit in there nicely. The Nikon 210 seems to be well respected.

23-Feb-2012, 14:54
Nikon 210s are very contrasty, have great color (low in chromatic aberration), good resolution, and images are nice and sharp appearing. They are plentiful and can be had for less than $300 as well. If you like lower contrast and perhaps longer tonal range, you might consider the Schneider APO 210 instead. The Schneider might have a slight edge in resolution but it's not enough to be concerned about.

23-Feb-2012, 16:17
Are you sure you want a lens between the 180 and 250? Do you already have other lenses wider and longer than those? My rule of thumb is to, as closely as possible, multiply the shorter FL by 1.41 as the next step. Anywhere from 1.33 to 1.5 works fine. I have no lenses in either of my kits closer than that.

Example kit for 8x10:
72mm SA XL
110mm SS XL
150mm SS XL
210mm Graphic Kowa
300mm Fujinon-C
450mm Fujinon-C
600mm Fujinon-C

This is just personal preference but I've never needed lenses with focal lengths spaced closer than this. Personally, I'd opt for either a longer or shorter lens... 350-360mm (if you have enough bellows or a telephoto if not) or 110-135mm. I like wide angles so my choice would be the latter... at first anyway. After the 110mm then I'd start looking for a 72mm SA XL. Again though, I really like wide angle.

ETA: Example 4x5 kit...
58mm SA XL
90mm SA f/5.6 or f/8
135mm Apo Symmar
200mm Nikkor-M
300mm Nikkor-M or Fujinon-C

The above are my choice for doing landscapes. I have no need for extreme Scheimpflug adjustments.

23-Feb-2012, 16:24
sounds heavy. there will be some cases where the above lenses you own won't work but three so close together for most work (except commercial) is redundant.

Alan Gales
23-Feb-2012, 17:13
I agree with Old-N-Feeble (I like that name!) and Vinny (Young-N-Feeble?). Just kidding Vinny!

John, I would suggest borrowing a friend's 210 and comparing it with your 180 before making a purchase. They are awful close.

John Conway
23-Feb-2012, 19:15
After reading the replies I agree that I don't need the 210 lens since the 180 and 250 are so close. On the wide angle end I am in good shape. As suggested, I think one more on the long end would serve me better.

23-Feb-2012, 19:33
Hey John,

If you'd care to list the array of lenses you have then we may be able to help guide you through your decision-making progress. BTW, if you're staying fully analogue then focal length isn't everything. Since I do my post processing digitally then I need the sharpest lenses available. If you're completely analogue then you may want several lenses of each focal length for differing subject matter. Sorry to complicate your decision but that's the way it is.


John Conway
23-Feb-2012, 19:51
I would be happy to list my lenses Mike.

Nikon SW 65/4
Schneider SA 90/8 late
Schneider SA 121/8 late
Nikon W 150/5.6 (S)
Fuji W 180/5.6 (62mm filter)
Fuji 250 6.3

23-Feb-2012, 19:57

You have some nice lenses I can't see a "hole" between any focal length unless you want to go wider (47mm SA XL) or longer (400mm+).

John Conway
23-Feb-2012, 20:26
Mike, I do plan on getting the 47 XL eventually. You mention 400mm. Some of the nice modern tele lenses come to mind, such as the Nikon. My main camera is my Cambo Master PC with a twelve inch rail set up. With a tele there would be no need to add length to the rail, I think.

23-Feb-2012, 20:33

It seems to me that you have common sense well in-hand. You no longer need guidance. Use your own judgment as guided by your own needs and wants.