View Full Version : MACRO SINARON SE MC 180mm f5.6 for use in 8x10

23-Feb-2012, 04:43
Hi. I came across another rarely used lens at the back of the cupboard today. MACRO SINARON SE MC 180mm f5.6 . Does anyone know what kind of value this lens has. It is also marked made by Rodenstock Germany. It was purchased new some time ago, but rarely used.Has anyone used this lens for MACRO work on an 8x10 camera. I'm sure it is actually a RODENSTOCK APO-Macro-S 180mm/5.6 which has an image circle of 415mm (1:1) Thanks in advance

25-Feb-2012, 06:47
For proper 180mm macros from Rodenstock and Schneider people ask for 4 digit figures up to $3K but the ones that i saw really changing hands went for $500 or so. Nikkor AM ED (120 or 210) likewise. Fujinon A 180 f9 (multicoated) $350-450.

Greg Lockrey
25-Feb-2012, 07:06
I have a MACRO SINARON SE MC 180mm f5.6 which I doubt will cover 8x10.... be great if it did for future use. Mine cost $700.00 at the time I bought it.

18-Nov-2013, 15:45
Hello All,
Anyone still have their Macro Sinaron SE 180's? I have one, but am looking for another for a second set.

Ken Lee
18-Nov-2013, 16:05
Coverage is usually stated at infinity focus. Coverage doubles when we focus at 1:1. If a lens covers 4x5 at infinity, it will cover 8x10 at 1:1

Remember that coverage aside, a 180mm lens is "wide angle" for 8x10: the equivalent of a 90mm lens on 4x5 and a 30mm lens on 35mm. For macro work you'll get foreshortening (http://www.123rf.com/photo_8031005_the-calf-puts-out-the-tongue-in-a-comic-foreshortening.html).

If you need to do macro work with an 8x10 camera - and want to avoid foreshortening - a longer lens will give you more satisfactory perspective.