View Full Version : 90/6.8 Grandagon-N question

David Brunell
22-Feb-2012, 19:21
Is it nesc. to order slim mount filters with this lens or can I get away with the standard versions without the filter causing vignetting?


Jeffrey Sipress
22-Feb-2012, 19:33
I've used regular thickness filters with this lens and had no problems. However, each exposure is different depending on how much movement you use to bring the IC edge close to the glass corners. Possible there might have been some vignetting at some time but I couldn't see it. You'd have to do a test with a lot of movement.

David Brunell
22-Feb-2012, 20:09
Thank you.

22-Feb-2012, 21:00
Tiffen filter rings are very thick, stay away from them. B+w brand are about half the thickness. I owned this lens and never had an issue with any screw on filters.

David Brunell
23-Feb-2012, 05:36
Great, thanks Vinny. I ordered the standard thickness B+W.

23-Feb-2012, 07:13
I use mine with a Cokin P series filter holder and haven't ever had an issue with vignetting.


Ed Richards
23-Feb-2012, 07:33
Do some testing. I certainly saw problems when I had this lens and used screw in filters. But I do architecture and used max movements a lot.

Just shift the lens beyond the limit of the image circle so you have vignetting without a filter, shoot a sheet, and add a filter and try again. On the XL lenses you have to extra wide filters or use a much larger step up ring and filter if you want max movements.