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Francis Abad
1-Dec-2003, 14:01
If size were not an issue, which 600mm lens offers the best value for money and/or the best performance for non close-up work: Rodenstock Apo-Ronar f9, Fujinon C f11.5, 24inch Goerz Red Dot Artar, Apo-Nikkor etc. (others you could think of)?

Don Cameron
1-Dec-2003, 15:34
The Fujinon C is the smallest,lightest, and my second choice. The Red Dot Artar(serial # starting in the 80's) in a large Copal 3 is my 1st. choice The other two are not even close, and I've owned all of them.

My 24" Red dot is my favorite lens for my 8X10 ToyoM


1-Dec-2003, 16:14
The Fujinon C is the smallest, lightest, and my first choice. It also has bigger coverage and is multi-coated. The Red Dot Artar, which I have also owned and used, would be my second choice, and the Apo-Nikkor third.

The extra coverage of the Fujinon would be primarly of interest to ULF users of 7X7, 8X20 and 12X20 equipment. For 8X10 the RDA has plenty of coverage.

Sandy King

Ted Harris
1-Dec-2003, 16:39
I don't regulary use any of these lenses but there are a couple of contenders that have not been mentioned: The Tele Nikor ED, the Docter Apo Germinar and the Fuji A. Botht e Docter and the Fuji are discontinued but superb lenses. Add those three and you have pretty much covered the reasonable field I beileve. If it were me I would go with eitehr the Fuji C or the Fuji A (if I could find one) or the Nikor Tele ED and maybe the Docter Apo Germinar. I would probably try and find the Fuji A first because I own the 240 and the 300 and they are both outstanding, modern multi coated lenses. Same holds for the Nikor and the Fuji C as they are currently offered lenses. I also own a Docter 360 and it is outstanding so I would imagine the smae would hold for the 600 but they are single coated.

Bill Bartels
1-Dec-2003, 18:11
Ted, Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Fuji made a 600 mm A series lens. I also own the 180,240 and 300 mm. I believe the longest in the A series is the 360mm and it's hard to find.

Dan Fromm
1-Dec-2003, 18:20
Um, a 600/9 Apo Ronar landed on my doorstep today. It weighs 3.3 kg. Surely the other lenses mentioned contain more air, less glass and brass.



Ted Harris
1-Dec-2003, 18:27

They also made a 600 and 1200, both long discontinued and much harder to find than the 300 and 360 (both of which are hard enough to find). I have never seen either one and they are not listed in the literature as far back as 1981. Both Kerry Thalmann and Jim Andreki (Midwest Photo) have confirmed that they do exist. It was Kerry that first brought their existance to my attention. BTW, also forgot that Fuji also has a 600 Tele.

Tracy Storer
1-Dec-2003, 18:42
Hello all, I just couldn't resist throwing in my two cents: Fuji C 600 f/11.5 Copal #3=Excellent lens, my most commonly used lens on 20x24. Fuji A 600 Copal #3=Excellent, large, used to have one in my studio in Boston, looked for two years for another one...No dice, too rare. After I left Boston, their Fuji A 600 was stolen. (if you find one, let me know, I'd still like to catch whoever took it, even though it wasn't "mine" anymore) Apo Ronars are some of the sharpest lenses I've ever seen, but big, heavy, and not great coverage. (I've got an 800 and a 1000, at that length, coverage isn't an issue, even for 20x24) Red Dot Apo- Artars....It's been a while since I've "taste tested" but know they're very good. Great in Copal shutters when you can find them. Best, Tracy

Bill Bartels
1-Dec-2003, 19:59
Ted, Wow, I had no idea Fuji made the A series it that focal length. My 300 is my primary lens for 8x10, super sharp and I can leave it on the my camera folded up,great lenses.

David Vickery
2-Dec-2003, 09:12
Hello, I have an apo-nikkor and an apo-ronar, both are 600mm. I use them on 12x20 and have found that the ronar is sharper and has a larger usable image circle than the nikkor. I found the nikkor at a good price and thought that it would be better because of the lighter weight, but I have not been happy with its performance at infinity. It probably is great at the closer up distances that it was designed for, but I like the ronar much better at infinity. It is super sharp.

Bob Salomon
2-Dec-2003, 10:18
"They also made a 600 and 1200"

They made many Apo Ronar, Apo Ronar CL, Apo Ronar M and Apo Ronar S process lenses. These include IN APO RONAR 150, 240, 300, 360, 420, 480, 520 f10, 600, 760 f14, 800, 890 f14, 1000 f16, 1070 f14, 1200 f16. In Apo Ronar S 520 and 650 f10. Then there were the Apo Rodagon 240 and 300 f5.6 Process lenses and the Apo Gerogon and Apo Graphigon and Apo Gerogon S lenses.

Francis Abad
3-Dec-2003, 11:09
Great responses gentlemen. Fuji seems to have the winner here. No one mentioned the Melles Griot lens or maybe they do not have a 600mm. Should we continue this thread and talk about 750 and greater - only those that are still available. Which of the 750s or greater do you actively use?