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George Wood
1-Dec-2003, 09:38
How do I open up an Optimo (#3) shutter? I can't get the shutter to cock or fire. There aren't any screws to unscrew. The lens is in great shape and I would like to use it.

Jeff Buckels
1-Dec-2003, 21:15
George: Contact Ed Romney, author of BASIC TRAINING IN CAMERA REPAIR, at (864) 597-1882. He sells the kind of info you're looking for, so ... but he's one of the few real old school gurus left in this area now that Steve Grimes passed away. -jb

Bob Fowler
2-Dec-2003, 12:11
Ed also died...

Jeff Buckels
3-Dec-2003, 10:04
Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. Ed was a real icon, not as well-known in this circle than Steve Grimes. "The ranks are thinning." -jb

Chauncey Walden
3-Dec-2003, 16:58
George, I just happened to remember having a copy of the "Illustrated Guide and Descriptions of Photographic Inter-Lens Shutters with Directions for Cleaning and Repairng" Whew! Copyrighted 1917. It says: To Separate: To remove front cover insert a pin 9 through slot of diaphragm adjusting lever 7 in the direction indicated by the arrow to release pawl 8. Push pawl 8 as far as it will go. Grasp shutter with both hands and turn front cover to the left and lift off. Remove indicator disc 5 and second cover which retains the lens mounting and which is held in position by means of four screws. Note: Before removing disc 5 observe its position and the manner in which it engages the operating levers in order to insure proper relocation. Before replacing same lubricate both sides with vaseline after cleaning. OK. So where is this pawl? Facing the shutter it would be just clockwise of the pneumatic connection. A straight pin/needle would be inserted straight in and then push this pawl towards the pneumatic connection. Disc 5 is the speed setting ring. Good luck!

Ernest Purdum
5-Dec-2003, 12:36
There is a copy of the book mentioned by Chauncey Walden now on eBay. The number is 2968825971.