View Full Version : Kodak 203mm F7.7 and flash

Gary Quart
26-May-1999, 05:30
I purchased a Kodak Ektar 203mm f7.7. It's my 1st step into LF. Unforturnately there is no flash cord/sync attachment for studio flash. Is there some little special attachment made that can attach to the shutter release cable and fire th e studio strobes at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any response.

Gary in LA

Tony Brent
27-May-1999, 02:53
Need to know what shutter the lens is mounted in. Normally the Ektars were in flash Supermatics, which would "M" or "X" sync. Sync contact was either bi-pin or large bayonet. Strange yours has no sync contact.

Ron Shaw
28-May-1999, 11:23
At the very worse, you can have it mounted into a new shutter assembly. Steve Grimes does this, or if you want to tackle the job yourself, new shutter/aperture assemblies can be purchaced from Adorama, or others. They run around $160 or so.