View Full Version : Looking for an Ilex #1 Shutter.

Darin Cozine
28-Nov-2003, 23:41
I have a 65mm Ilex Wide Angle Paragon, similar to a super anguon. It was in an Ilex Electric Synchro #1 shutter. I have been unable to find a replacement shutter. I tried to put it in an older Ilex Universal #1, but it did not fit.

I asked this question on the other website, and I was told I should look for a newer Ilex Synchro #1 or Ilex Acme #1 but I have been unable to find one on REbay. One tip was to look for an older Sirchie finger print camera, but otherwise the trail has been cold.

The helpful folks as SK Grimes new nothing about the Ilex #1 size, but offered to remount my lens for a Copal 0. Unfortunately thats out of my pricerange.

Any help locating a shutter, or info on industrial cameras that use this shutter will be greatly appreciated.

Robert A. Zeichner
29-Nov-2003, 06:45
This is not necessarily a solution to your problem, but if it is any help, the lens mounting dimensions of an Ilex # 1 mechanical shutter is 1.228" x 40. This would be the same for the Universal and "X" Universal models, the latter having X-synchronization.

N Dhananjay
29-Nov-2003, 08:58
You sometimes find lenses for a song in Copal 1 press shutters (stuff like the Tominon, Wollensak Oscillo-Raptars etc). You would still probablly need to have the good folks at SK GRimes mount it although maybe front mounting is an option tat might be cheaper. If you have a bunch of barrel lenses, front mounting them on a larger shutter can actually be quite a savings in money and weight. Good luck, DJ

Dan Fromm
29-Nov-2003, 10:10
Have you measured the threads?

I ask because I have a 65/8 Ilex that arrived in a #00 electric shutter (branded Opto Dynetics). As luck would have it, the threads conformed to the Compur standard and the cells screwed into a #00 Compur Rapid. There was a shoulder problem, machining required, but that's another story.

Darin Cozine
29-Nov-2003, 18:53
the threads on both sides on the ilex #1 synchro electrc are both about 1 3/16th inch or about 30mm.

pulled out a box of shutters i have laying around, it wont fit on a prontor 00, copal 0, alphax, rapax, and ilex universal #1. Interesting enough, I also have an ancient Ilex acme #1 dial-set shutter that it fits right into, but what a POS! it only seems to fire on one speed, and i have no idea what that is.

21-Mar-2004, 18:27
I have an ILEX no. 1 shutter still in the original box. It does not look like it have ever been used, but I do not know anything about camera equipment. On the front it is marked "ILEX Optical Co. Rochester N.Y. No.1 Universal." It is in an ILEX box, but does not have a part number.