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15-Feb-2012, 19:10
Question 1:

Just got a linhof master teckina... It came with a 90/8 and matched cam. It also have the recessed linhof board with the little offset cable release socket.

This is where I am sort of baffled. Not one release I own will work. They seem to need some sort of groove to clip into the socket.

I got the manual and it looks like I need this; Linhof Profi Cable Release 700 mm 022767

I cant find that anywhere on line. how about a Profi Cable Release?


This looks no different than the 10+ releases I have tried so far with no luck!

How about this?


I would like to use this through the super cool handle :)

Question 2:
This came with a matched schneider 90/8 and cam. Now I might be a dumbass but I cant see any way this guy will close with the lens installed. it seem too big..as in too wide and it hits the sliding rail. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I made sure the rail was fully recessed into the camera body and still not luck.

Now...if this lens wont fit no matter what I do then why use the PITA recessed board? That sort of makes me think it should fit :)

My usual technique is to get out the screwdriver and the hammer and make things work. i keep telling myself this is not a deardorff!

Thanks in advance

MIke Sherck
15-Feb-2012, 19:20
You need the special Linhof screwdriver. It comes with a special soft cloth and polishing paste to take the scratches out afterwards. You may need to raise the credit limit on your credit card...


Daniel Stone
15-Feb-2012, 19:28
Your 90/8 won't fold up into the MT. It'll accomodate a 150/135mm lens(not all 150mm's, but one such as a Sironar-N, or a Fujinon/Nikkor 150mm 5.6 plasmat.

Cable release:

read this(courtesy of a google search :))

towards the bottom of the page under the "Installing the Cable Tip Adaptor" heading:



Frank Petronio
15-Feb-2012, 19:36
Congrats on getting the right camera ;-p

The Linhof (not the Kaiser) cable release should do the trick. While it is expensive for a cable release, it is the still the cheapest and best solution. Take care of the cable ;-)

The Linhof cable release has a groove to hold it securely. Either pony up for the nice OEM release or remove the contraption altogether and use any release you like. You can also try those nipple adapters but they always seemed a bit of a kludge to me. The Linhof system is always best, of course.

Personally I use short Gepe cable extensions on each lens and avoid the various Linhof doohickies, even though I use a Linhof cable release with the anatomical grip (the Linhof release fits into the grip best). It is more versatile and only a little more tedious.

If I were going first class and having Marflex set up and mount all my lenses then I would pop the extra for the proper Linhof quick cable attachments and all the works but I am too cheap myself and setting up those doohickies to properly hit the shutter release looks a bit tricky for my fumbleness -- better to give to Martin to do correctly the first time.

Only the smaller lenses will fold into the camera. Sorry. If you mount the 90 onto a flat board it will still work but it might fall into a place where the front standard won't grip the rails as securely. The Linhof designers considered this and that is why they recommend certain boards for certain lenses, so they fall into the right place on the rail for optimal stability and movements.

See Gepe cable extensions

15-Feb-2012, 19:41
I searched my ass off. Thanks for the link!

I mailed marflex to see about some parts to make this work correctly. I don't think all of the pieces and parts I need are really installed.

I have a sweet Sironar N 135 that I might mount eventually. Any idea how much to cut a cam?

I saw the Gepe sockets. I might go that route eventually.

Frank Petronio
15-Feb-2012, 20:01
Last time it was about $350 but that was years ago and also I think it could take several weeks....

Noah A
15-Feb-2012, 20:06
The lensboard is recessed so that the camera can be used with a bit more bellows extension, which allows for more movement. I don't know of any field camera that could fold with that lens installed.

Your Sironar N should fit inside though. My Apo-Sironar-S 150mm and 135mm both fold up inside (though not with the lenscap mounted, it's too wide).

Enjoy the camera. There's something special about a Technika...

Bob Salomon
16-Feb-2012, 08:38
022767 is not the cable release for the 45 Master Technika or a V or a IV. The correct cable releases from Linhof are:
002431 with turning, threaded nipple (requires screw-on nipple for the Quick Socket 041066) or the oo2440 Linhof cable release with unthreaded nipple for the Quick Socket. Both of these cable releases are 21" (530mm) long. We stock the 002431 and any USA camera store can order them from us and many carry it. The 002440 and the 041066 are sold by Linhof service who can be reached at marflex@aol.com.

The Linhof 001015 Comfort recessed board is far from being a PITA. In fact, it is easier to use then any other lens board on the market, and it is the correct board for your 90mm. It has the aperture scales and the aperture selector on the front face of the board (the flat part) as well as an indicator to tell you if the press focus is open or closed and the lever to open and close it is also on the front face. There is no reason to have to go into the recess to operate the shutter and all controls are instantly visible.

And, as has been properly pointed out to you in other posts, the camera will not close with this lens on it.

Perhaps you might want the instruction book for the Master. It can be downloaded from the service section of the Linhof web site. You can get there from our site: www.hpmarketingcorp.com, click on Linhof, go to bottom of page and click on Linhof web site. Top of page click on service.
You will find that hammers and screwdrivers will make for an exceedingly expensive future repair on a Linhof.