View Full Version : Just how bad are those "shutters from hell?"

John Kasaian
27-Nov-2003, 13:02
Happy Thanksgiving! Alas no pinhole turkey to play with this year(goin' to the in-laws) but I've noticed a few nice looking old Dagors on e-bay in Ilex built dial set compur-oid shutters. On S.K.Grime's site, our late friend makes a point of pointing out that these shutters are Ilex's version of the Edsel and should be avoided. I was wondering what practical experience you might have had with these satanic shutters? In particular, on S.K.Grime's site, the threads of the Ilex Compur-oids aren't the same as the Ilex Universals or Acmes, so I'm wondering how hard it would be to remount these Dagors in more older, more saintly shutters like the Universals, COmpurs, and Compounds.

I'll probably contact Grimes' shop, but I was wondering what expertise on the matter is available here. Thanks & Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

CP Goerz
27-Nov-2003, 16:19
'Edsel' is perhaps the wrong form of derogatory adjective..maybe 'Zeiss-like' would be more accurate.

CP Goerz.

John Kasaian
27-Nov-2003, 19:42
That bad, huh? ;-)

Ernest Purdum
27-Nov-2003, 19:45
If you buy one that works, I wouldn't suggest doing anything until it stops or becomes unusably erratic. Mr. Grimes was speaking more from a repairman's viewpoint than that of a user, I think. Even if the speeds are badly off markings, as long as they are consistent the shutter remains usable once you have found out what to expect. Remounting to a preferable shutter is perfectly practical, but expensive. If you do decide to have a lens remounted, you can get a used Copal Size 0 or 1 for a lot less than the machining cost, so I think it would be worthwhile to go that way, unless the lens is big enough to require a Size 3. The less eexpensive used Copals are self-cocking types, originally used on special-purpose cameras, many of them by Polaroid. Personally, I prefer self-cocking shutters on any camera which will always be used on a tripod.

27-Nov-2003, 22:45
I have one of those shutters here in a #4 size. It's the only shutter I couldn't get working or repair even after taking it apart. And there just doesn't seem to be any logical reason why it doesn't work? It got here with two speeds. Time and 1/25. It still has those two speeds, but the 1/25 is not consistant! So the only true speed it offers is T...

I agree 100% with the Grimes web site!

Forutnately for me, it was a 'standard' #4 thread size and I didn't have to lose the lens mounted in it. The shutter is a conversation piece...

Bob Fowler
1-Dec-2003, 10:30
"Hell" doesn't even begin to describe those old dial set Ilex shutters. I have an 8" Ross that's in a #4 which has 3 operating speeds - and none are consistent! Fortunately, the newer (a relative term) Ilex rim set shutters are pretty much bullet proof.