View Full Version : Compound shutter in Xenar and B&L Zeiss Tessar the same?

Ramiro Elena
15-Feb-2012, 04:15
I was wondering if the Compound shutter in a 300mm f4.5 Xenar is the same as is a Bausch and Lomb Zeiss Tessar 6 1/2 x 8 1/2.

Would the cells of both lenses fit in the same shutter?

Ole Tjugen
15-Feb-2012, 12:22
Not likely - the 300mm f:4,5 Xenar is in a Compound V. The B&L Tessar is likely fit in a IV, and even more lilkely to have been mounted in a big Ilex shutter.

Dan Fromm
15-Feb-2012, 13:17
Ole, B&L made Compound shutters under license. See, e.g., http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/bauschlomb_8.html . I think they made 'em before WW-I and stopped during the war. See http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/bauschlomb_5.html

That said, I very much doubt that a old B&L shutter will conform to more modern specifications (tube length, threading). I hope that someone who reads this and has the B&L lens that the OP asked about will measure and report.

Ramiro Elena
15-Feb-2012, 14:25
I have that lens in a Compound Dan :D:D:D I just don't know how to tell which Compound it is.
I searched cameraeccentric's catalogs but I couldn't find any reference to Compound shutters together with the B&L Zeiss Tessar.

The outer diameter of the shutter is 106mm (aprox)
The inner diameter where the front cell screws is 67mm (aprox).

I was hoping the Compound I have with my B&L Zeiss Tessar was a Compound V so I could use the Xenar cells. The Zeiss Tessar 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 seems to be 9 7/8'' focal lenght.

Just checked Ole's information on Compound sizes and yes, the B&L Zeiss Tessar comes with a Compound IV 10/II. Too bad...

Dan Fromm
15-Feb-2012, 15:50
Ramiro, I think you may have your answer. Even so, bookmark this site http://www.suaudeau.eu/memo/pratique/Les_obturateurs_centraux.html for future reference.



Ramiro Elena
15-Feb-2012, 16:02
Wow, that's good info Dan. Thanks!

18-Mar-2013, 09:42
I just had a Bausch & lomb 8x10 tessar Ic f4.5 and it was in a compound 5. sent it back with a bad mainspring. I have a Bausch & lomb tessar IIb f6.3 in a compound 4. It seems most or all B&L compound shutters have a custom barrel painted black instead of the plain aluminum.