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13-Feb-2012, 00:27
So I've got the camera, the film, and the lens. I know where to process, but where on earth do I get prints made? All my current 8x10 film is E-6 which seems to make things even harder. If I had the means of processing I'd have no problem doing contact prints on my own, but that's not the case. (Maybe I can do the printing and have a lab process the paper?) I'm in Toronto and Calgary based on whether or not I'm in school. Any suggestions? :confused: (There's a Jobo CPE2 with lift for sale locally, which may be an option if I had the space...)

Jim Andrada
13-Feb-2012, 01:18
Scan & print to inkjet????? Lots of folks are doing it these days.

Daniel Stone
13-Feb-2012, 02:16
Bob Carnie is in Toronto IIRC, he's an active member here on the forum. He'll be able to tell you his options, since he's a lab owner/operator.

I drum scan and output prints via lightjet(laser exposure onto ra-4 papers)

Inkjets TO ME still don't look like a "photograph" where, IMO, the image lives INSIDE the paper, not on top of it. Just my $.02 though


13-Feb-2012, 11:24
The library nearest me has Microtek i900s but I don't think they're available right now. (Renovations to the space)

I'd much rather do proper prints than scan and print. Scanning adds another level of stuff I don't enjoy dealing with. (Same with enlarging)

13-Feb-2012, 11:31
Hi, I feel for you, I asked the same question about 2 months ago and got few responses. I'll look for that post, but I also found it strange that on a LF board, with everyone talking about how nice Kodak color film was, no one could answer where you can get wet prints done. I find it hard to believe that the only way to print color LF negatives now is to digitally scan them and inkjet print. Did color printing quickly die out and no one mentioned it? The places in Tucson will only contact print color (no enlargements), but I have 4x5s, and that's too small a contact for me. Anyone got a good place to color print, wet?

Daniel Stone
13-Feb-2012, 11:38
Bob C. might still do optical color enlargements. IDK if Toronto Image Works(Edward Burtynsky's lab) rents an 8x10 enlarger, might want to call them:


-Dan "google is my friend" Stone

13-Feb-2012, 11:52
If there aren't any rental darkrooms with color facilities available in your area, then buy a jobo to process color film and an enlarger with a color head to make contacts with. Since you will be making contact prints you don't need an 8x10 enlarger. A smaller enlarger should work.

Alternatively, make friends with another photographer and share facilities.


bob carnie
13-Feb-2012, 11:54
I no longer make enlarger prints from colour negatives, not that I couldn't but all our paper comes in rolls and we like most labs scan or print from digital capture when it comes to colour.
I believe Image Works is no longer renting out the 8x10.
If there was a significant order with a compelling reason to keep all traditional enlarger for colour prints I would consider.
but a minimum day rate and client buying the paper would apply.

Bob C. might still do optical color enlargements. IDK if Toronto Image Works(Edward Burtynsky's lab) rents an 8x10 enlarger, might want to call them:


-Dan "google is my friend" Stone

Oren Grad
13-Feb-2012, 12:38
E6 is indeed going to be a problem.

If you don't mind working with color neg, then any lab that still does contact prints for rolls of color neg or for 4x5 should in principle be able to sandwich an 8x10 neg with a piece of paper and make a contact print of that too; it's just a matter of whether they're willing to accommodate special requests. Some labs are very helpful and service-oriented in that way, some not so much.

If you want enlargements, are you willing to pay a minimum of $20 for the first print of each negative? Plus shipping? Because that's what it's going to cost for commercial-grade prints. For serious custom printing, far more.

If cost and shipping hassle aren't an issue, you might inquire at Color Services in Needham, MA, or at Praus Productions in Rochester, NY. I don't know whether either still maintains an 8x10 enlarger, but at least both are places where it should be considered a perfectly reasonable question to ask.

richard brown
13-Feb-2012, 13:18
The Lab Works...Winnipeg and ABC Photo in Vancouver...
ABC still has an 8x10 enlarger and wet prints and so does lab works i think....
Best prices for processing are still toronto image works.
No place in Alberta for c41 above 4x5" and 120 gets scratched at vistek...
Keep the dream alive.

Brian C. Miller
13-Feb-2012, 13:47
Vascilli, the lab would have to first do a contact internegative, which would probably be $20 to $30. Then the contact print from that would be $10 to $15, plus shipping, so to get the ball rolling would be $50 or so. Then you have costs for the paper and enlargements.

I'm guessing that you would pay at least 2x for color as B&W. Contact a lab that does museum grade B&W printing from 8x10, and ask them who they would recommend for doing it.

Otherwise your printing options were discussed under the Ilfochrome thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=84701).

13-Feb-2012, 14:14
Digital prints from an E-6 transparency aren't too shabby and an economical alternative to Ilfochrome:



Drew Wiley
13-Feb-2012, 19:40
Where do you live and how big a print do you need? What kind of quality do you expect, and what can you afford? It can all still be done, though direct printing of
chromes to Ciba is going to be around only a little while longer. Interneg to C-print is easy enough, though to do it right would probably bring the cost up toward that of
drum scanning and Lightjet or whatever. I always and only print my own 8X10 shots,
so know how it's done. Quality takes time. You also have the option of having the
chrome drum scanned, then of doing your own PS work, then sending the file to the
service beareau for actual printing or a smaller sample print. Around this part of the
world, you can get either digital or traditionally enlarged prints. Some pretty famous
color photographers of past decades started out by contact printing their color negs
under a small color enlarger, at least until they could afford a full-sized enlarger!

13-Feb-2012, 20:05
GPC Labworks (http://gpclabworks.com/) in Ottawa still does traditional enlargements; they process 8x10 film, likely they can print it, as well.