View Full Version : filter for 360 f:5.5 Tele-Xenar

26-Nov-2003, 09:31
Can anyone tell me what is the filter size for the rear element? TIA.

Bob Salomon
26-Nov-2003, 09:46
A filter should never be used on the rear element (unless the lens was designed for a rear filter). However if you do want a focus shift and image degradation go right ahead and put one there. Just remember, besides a focus shift of about 1/3rd the thickness of the filter, any mark, dust, scratch, fingerprint, etc. on the filter will materially effect the image. The effect will be worse then using that same filter, in the same condition, on the front of the lens.

26-Nov-2003, 12:32
Hey Bob

Where'd you learn to answer questions like that? Frank Nelson teach ya? Or have you served as Secretary of Defense lately?