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bob carlisle
25-Nov-2003, 20:43
I have just purchased a wollensak raptar 302 mm lens with a Betax No. 5 shutter. The shutter seems to need repairs to the aperature blades. Any better than other repair facilities that you could turn me on to?? Thanks, Bob Carlisle

John Kasaian
25-Nov-2003, 21:09

I've sent several shutters---including a Betax---to www.skgrimes.com with excellent results. I've heard very good things about Marflex too.------Cheers!

David A. Goldfarb
25-Nov-2003, 22:33
www.skgrimes.com and also Frank Marshman at CameraWiz in Harrisonburg, VA (hunt around and you should turn up his 1-800 number).

Michael A.Smith
26-Nov-2003, 01:18
For a shutter repair we would use Frank Marshman. His phone number is 800-471-8133.

Ted Harris
26-Nov-2003, 18:27
Laughing .... David was right .... Camera Wiz # (800) 471-8133