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John Bailey
25-Nov-2003, 10:48
A posting at Outbackphoto.com noted some positive new rules and regulations for travel with cameras. Here is the TSA page for everyone's information:


I hope this will be of help to those traveling this week for the holiday!


John Bailey

Rich Long
25-Nov-2003, 15:15
That's good news!!

What's the chance that the typical airline employee at the boarding gate will be aware of this?

<sarcasm> "I'm sorry, sir, you're only allowed ONE carry-on bag. Here, let me check that backpack full of camera equipment for you. You can pick it up with the rest of your checked luggage at your destination. It will be empty by then, so you'll have an easier time carrying it. Have a nice day." </sarcasm>

Sidney Cammeresi
25-Nov-2003, 16:11
I contacted the TSA via their web site to enquire as to what this actually meant, specifically as to how one is supposed to transport LF film. I received a form letter response that didn't answer my question. I replied to request more information, but I have not yet heard back.

I am inclined to believe that this is bullshit until I have a very good reason to believe otherwise.

Rob Gertler
26-Nov-2003, 09:07
I have done tests to see if the x-ray machines at airport security have any effect. I compared 4x5 Agfapan100 film that had passed through airport security carry-on x-rays twice vs. the same film that had not been x-rayed. Both x-rayed and non-x-rayed film were then exposed and then developed in FX-1 to achieve Z5 (as in doing zone system testing), developed together and tested with densitomitry. The results showed that going through airport carry-on x-rays two times had no effect on the outcome. Have any of you found any data that either confirms or refutes this result?

Sidney Cammeresi
28-Nov-2003, 11:19
Here is the response I received from the TSA.

Thank you for your email message. If the film is brought to the security checkpoint, it is very likely that you will be required to open the boxes of film. We suggest that you consider alternate shipping options for your film. We hope this information is helpful.

So the new rules are bullshit, as I expected.