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11-Feb-2012, 07:45
Recently I posted a message looking for help in identifying an Ernemann lens I own. No one on this forum was able to determine for certain anything about it but one fellow was almost certain that it is a Burke & James product. My own research on the net leads me to believe that he is correct but, again, I couldn't find anything specific to this lens. So, what to do with it?

As it happens last week I acquired a Fujinon W 250mm in a Copal #1 shutter. The Ernemann, with its adapter ring on the front cell, mounts to a Copal #1 so I decided to see how this little Ernemann actually performs as compared to my newly acquired Fujinon. I have attached the results for anyone's consideration.

Perhaps the images you see do not tell you anything but the prints I produced in the darkroom and scanned for posting show that the Ernemann, much to my surprise, produced a sharper image with very nice contrast, as much contrast and comparable to that which the Fujinon produced. If fact, this Ernemann is clearly a keeper. So, now I have a 90mm Grandagon, a 135mm Rodenstock APO Sironar N that I acquired here from Kerry Thallman with which I am exceeding happy, and the 250mm Fujinon W. The 190mm Ernmann fits very nicely within that range albeit with a switch of cells on the Copal #1, but so what.

I am now done with buying and selling lens looking for, I don't know what, the perfect combination? I'm there or as close as I need to be. By the way I am very happy with the Fujinon as well but who would have thought that my mongrel Ernemann would produce a sharper image. I suppose I could have focused badly on the ground glass but I don't think so. I took great care when I composed the test shots.

21-Apr-2013, 04:37
Anyone have any thoughts? Flash: as with many on this forum it turns out that I was not finished with acquiring lenses. It's a bit of an addiction trying, experimenting, buying, selling.

Ian Greenhalgh
21-Apr-2013, 07:22
If you're happy with how it shoots, then congrats. I have seen very few Ernemann lenses so can't help. Those cells look very thin though, so I wonder what design it is, perhaps a dialyte?

21-Apr-2013, 08:15
A Dagor clone? Or WAR? How many reflections, is the construction symmetrical?

Jim Galli
21-Apr-2013, 08:49
Has the Burke James signature serial no. Probably nicely coated by them. Use and enjoy!