View Full Version : Oh baby..... my 90 SA arrived

John Conway
10-Feb-2012, 16:14
Ok, I know i should not get this excited, I mean, it's not like the 90 SA is my first lens for God sakes. But I'll tell you this, the late version Schneider Super Angulon 90 f8 lens that entered my life today is one fine looking piece of photographic equipment. She even came with a caps and a nice lens wrap. There are some nice poeple out there.

10-Feb-2012, 16:51
Congrats... The 90/8 SA is a marvelous lens. I have only had mine for a few months but it has already captured some amazing scenes for me.


John Conway
10-Feb-2012, 17:27
Thank you, alexn. I was undecided on which 90mm lens I wanted. My last purchase was a 121 SA and I have been very pleased with that lens. So I decided to go with the 90 SA. I have had some issues with f/8 lenses when used indoors, but most of my work is outdoors anyway.

Doremus Scudder
11-Feb-2012, 04:18
My SA 90 f/8 is one of my sharpest lenses, and it fits into a Technika recessed board as well.

Happy shooting


11-Feb-2012, 08:12
This is a very nice and sharp lens. Good choice.

11-Feb-2012, 08:16
congrats, this is also an awsome super wide for 5x7

11-Feb-2012, 11:03
Coverage gets better as you find the larger apertures. The 90/5.6 Super Angulon covers a bit more for movements if necessary. The 90/4.5 Grandagon covers even more than that.

Kimberly Anderson
11-Feb-2012, 13:19
Mine almost covers 4x10 stopped all the way down.

Roger Thoms
11-Feb-2012, 14:11
Congratulations on your new lens. My very first LF len was a 90mm SA. Older version with the silver barrel, still one of my favorite lens. Have fum with you new baby, and do post some pictures.