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frank ferreira
24-Nov-2003, 15:16
folks, ihave aquired a linhof 6x9 super 1v. it has a schneider 127mm press zenar mounted. the stop on the bed is in the correct place to set the rangefinder and the cam is numbered to match the lens and the camera. my problem is...i have no mask for the finder. the finder and the gglass are widely different...also, there is no info on this lens in the instruction book and nothing on the depth of field table on the camera. any info will be gratly appreciated...particularly about the mask. my computer is not accepting incoming email so an answer there won't reach me. thanks for listening. frank ferreira lf since 1938

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
24-Nov-2003, 17:20
Frank, as far as I know the baby Technikas were never sold with factory cammed Xenars, only Planar type lenses (including the Schnieder Xenotar and Rodenstock Technikar), so you probably have a lens which was cammed after-market. In addition, as far as I know, there are no masks which were cut to 127mm for these cameras. Sometime back I wrote a review of these Technika 23s for Tuan's page (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/linhof/technika-23.html), there might be some information there which helps. Otherwise, I would suggest simply making your own mask with tape...

Jean-Louis Llech
25-Nov-2003, 01:14
I think the best way to make such a mask is :

1) With your linhof on a tripod, make a photo of a graphic and "geometric" subject (for example, a modern rectangular building) at infinity with a polaroid BW positive film back.

2) Without removing the camera from the tripod, use a smaller existing mask (for a 150 or 180 lens) and widen it gradually with a file to the right size until what you see through this mask resembles the polaroid photo.

Otherwise, in an easier way, you can cut the frame in a piece of plastic card and glue it on a larger mask (53 or 100).


frank ferreira
25-Nov-2003, 17:45
gentlemen, many thanks for the responces. i have in the last couple of years gone from 8x10 and 11x14 to 6x9 and i am having a ball..favorites so far the linhof and a super mint galvin. once again...thanks. frank ferreira