View Full Version : Any LF photographers in the Madison/Janesville Wisconsin area?

John Perkinson
24-Nov-2003, 13:45

I don't currently use large format (but I've been researching my first purchase). I'd like to watch some people in action... I'll even drive down toward Chicago or Milwaukee...

Sidney Cammeresi
24-Nov-2003, 15:24
There is the Midwest Large Format Asylum, a casual group of folks from around the midwest who get together from time to time.


You'll find instructions there for getting on the mailing list.

Rick Durbin
25-Nov-2003, 11:15
Check the Center for Photography at Madison's (CPM) website: www.cpmad.org for meetings. It's landscape group has several LF and MF members. The club has two darkrooms and an array of digital and studio equipment.

evan clarke
25-Nov-2003, 18:17
Hi John. As Sidney says, there is the Midwest LF Asylum. We participate from time to time and travel from Milwaukee, the get togethers are great. Occasionally, be ready to really hike and climb!! If you want to see products, Go north to Kaukauna and check out Badger Graphic..Evan Clarke

John Perkinson
25-Nov-2003, 21:56
Thanks a bunch guys. I knew about the Midwest LF Asylum. I'll definitely try and join the next meet as long as it's within reasonable distance for me. I'm really interested in the CPM. Are you a member Rick?