View Full Version : Need help finding a shutter for a Seneca 8x10 Rapid Rectilinear Lens

9-Feb-2012, 16:21
Well, I know what kind it is, but the guts from the shutter and aperture are missing.
Information on Lens:

On barrel of front element:
Seneca Camera MFG CO
8x10 Rapid Rectilinear

On Shutter:
Wollensak Optical Company
Rochester NY
Chrome Piece is 8 - 256 (by my thumb)

First is lens worth fixing and getting this lens back into working condition? And Second I cannot find out information on which shutter to use. Any help is much appreciated.


Jon Shiu
9-Feb-2012, 16:50
Unscrew the front and back lens cells and measure the threads. Then you can compare with tables for which Wollensak shutter might fit. It looks like it could be a Wollensak Regno shutter. You can find the old Wollensak catalogs on cameraeccentric.com


Jon Wilson
12-Feb-2012, 06:29
You may already have this information concerning the U.S. System (aperture scale) on your lens, but here is a link which is very informative: