View Full Version : Any experience with Super Angulon XL 72/5.6 on Technika V?

Peter Yeti
8-Feb-2012, 06:05
Dear all,

I'm considering buying a shorter wide angle lens for my 4x5'' cameras. On my mind is the Super Angulon XL 72/5.6 and I want to use it on both my technical monorail and the Linhof Technika V. The monorail certainly has no problem but I'm wondering about the Technika. Linhof recommends this lens for its current models but it seems that movements will be very limited.

Does anyone here has experience with this combination, Technika V and SA XL 72/5.6?


Noah A
8-Feb-2012, 09:59
Can't help you exactly, but I did recently pick up at 75/4.5 Grandagon-N. I have an MT2000 and a Technikardan.

On the MT2000, I tried the 75 in a recessed board. It's frankly a pain in the neck. With no rise, the bed is in the frame even for horizontal photos. Not too big of a deal really, since normally I'd use some rise anyway. But it's worse for vertical photos.

In terms of movements, I can get just about as much rise as my lens offers without stressing the bellows too much. Since your Tech V doesn't have that flap, you'd get a bit less. And clearly, you wouldn't begin to come close to being able to take full advantage of the 72XL's huge image circle.

So it will work. Bob S. on this forum will likely chime in to tell you the proper way to do it. I think it's in a recessed board but I don't know for sure. If you plan to mostly use the lens with your monorail and just use it with the Technika on occasion, then you'll probably be happy with the lens.

I ended up putting the lens back on a flat board and I just use it with my Technikardan.

gary mulder
8-Feb-2012, 10:31
I have had a SA xl 72mm with my Master technika. And I will second Noah remarks. I have sold it. I have no monorail.

Peter Yeti
9-Feb-2012, 09:49
Noah, Gary,

Thanks a lot for your input. As far as I know one has to drop the bed by one stop and tilt the front backwards by 15 degrees. This should get the bed out of the image circle. But yes, this is a pain in the neck. The truely huge image circle of the 72mm only would be useful for the monorail, for which it really rocks. That's why I'm thinking SA XL rather than Grandagon-N. I'll have to think some more about it...

Anyone else using a 72mm/75mm on a Technika?