View Full Version : Found: Nikkor LF website

21-Nov-2003, 17:11
I've been looking for official Nikon LF lens information for a long time: http://www.europe-nikon.com/category.aspx?countryId=20&languageId=22&catId=148

John Cook
21-Nov-2003, 17:43
Neat. You clever devil!

Ed Candland
22-Nov-2003, 15:26
Wow I had always heard there was no such site.... Is it new?

John Cook
22-Nov-2003, 18:11
Note, Ed, that it is not Nikon USA.

In fact, I think it is British. Note how the cable release sockets are all on the wrong side. ;0)

Michael E. Gordon
22-Nov-2003, 22:38
I have found Carey Bird's unofficial Nikkor lens site to be of great use on a number of occasions. http://homepages.tig.com.au/~cbird/nikkor/niklf.html

Ed Candland
23-Nov-2003, 21:54
Yep I saw it wasn't US. I just didn't know there was a LF Nikon site anywhere. And yep Carey Bird does have some great info on Nikon.

Witold Grabiec
24-Nov-2003, 08:27
I thought I'd let you know about a third place on the net with complete specs of Nikkor LF lenses, just in case the other links are unavailable:


Speaking of which, you can have their literature just for asking. Email Nikon at


They've emailed me a .pdf file right away and literature soon after.