View Full Version : Lens board for Protar V 183mm

wm mitchell
21-Nov-2003, 11:35
Greetings, Can anyone suggest what lensboard opening I'd need to use for a B/L Protar V 183mm f/18 lens? A Technika-type board is ideal in terms of overall dimensions. Thanks in advance, BILL Wm. Mitchell

John Kasaian
21-Nov-2003, 22:14

I'm not familiar with that lens, but in similar situations I've found one of those stainless steel rulers about 6" long with a sliding pocket clip with 64ths and mms made by General invaluable for taking the odd measurement. Any good hardware store should have them on cards. I hope this helps


clay harmon
23-Nov-2003, 18:10

I have one of those that fit perfectly inside a canham/toyo board with a copal#0 opening. I just used the flange as a lock nut. No shutter, but a lenscap works well. This lens will cover (with some hyperfocal tricks) a 7x17, although it is quite soft in the corners.