View Full Version : APO Ronar 300 f9 and 480 f9

Eirik Berger
21-Nov-2003, 02:40
I have to lenses, Rodenstock APO Ronar (Klimsch) 300 mm F9 and 480 mm f9, earlier used on repro cameras. I have plans to mount these lenses on shutters but i dont know which shutters to use. I have a Copal 1 shutter (Polaroid MP 4 shutter, threaded 40mm) but it wont fit. What shutters should i look for?

Bob Salomon
21-Nov-2003, 05:30
Copal 3 shutter

N Dhananjay
21-Nov-2003, 08:12
If you want a modern shutter, it is pretty much only the Copal 3. If you are OK with older shutters, look for an Ilex #5 or Betax #5 - I think these are actually bigger than the Copal 3. Actually, if this is for use on something like an 8x10, I would urge you seriously consider front mounting these lenses to a larger shutter like the Ilex or Betax 5. The larger shutters reduce the risks of vignetting and reduce cost and weight by only requiring one shutter on which multiple lenses can be mounted. You can find more info about this on www.skgrimes.com. Cheers, DJ

Michael M.
21-Nov-2003, 10:37
None :-)
I've just bought an APO Ronar 300/9 process lens as well - for quite a nice price - and I'm not planning to mount it into a shutter. It has apertures upto f/260 - so I'm planning to obtain a nice black hat (and a box of havanas) instead!
Wishing a nice weekend, Michael