View Full Version : 16-bit output from Howtek scanner

6-Feb-2012, 14:23
I recently bought a Howtek HR8000 scanner with Trident on Mac OS 9. The output TIFF from Trident seems only 8-bit per channel, and the HR8000 suppose to scan at 16-bit, I assume. It doesn't seems an option in Trident to set the bits. Can anyone used Trident help me?

The scanner get around 8700 scan cycles on it when I bought it. Does that number mean anything about previous usage?


Noah A
6-Feb-2012, 15:27
When you go to the save dialog box (where you enter the filename, which actually occurs when you create the new scanning region), under the menu where you choose the file format, you can either set tiff, tiff 16-bit, etc...

Good luck with the scanner. Did you buy that one on Ebay that just went for a ridiculously low price?

6-Feb-2012, 15:38
Thanks for the answer. Yes, the ebay one is my scanner now, and I already making scans. The scan cycle count is a bit higher than stated (~7600). Don't know how the cycles are counted. Any idea?